“WHOSJEFE? you are!

You’re a boss, its a movement for those who believe anyone can do anything they believe in. A lifestyle for those who love fashion and prospering. We love to see everyone succeed.

Boss up! “OWN YOUR OWN. ”


The Idea

Why "WHOSJEFE"? there’s 2 reasons. Reason one is because we believe anyone can do anything they believe in. We had this idea that everyone is a boss, only if they can accomplish what they believe in. “WHOSJEFE” was established in 2016. The brand was created by a Spanish individual and that's why the name is in Spanish and not English. This leads up to reason two. Everyone pronounces the word wrong!! before we even had clothes or a website and just our core logo we would show off our logo. People would always pronounce it JEFF or JEFFE other than the actual word. We thought about it and came up with “WHOSJEFE” for our social media and website. We are more than just a brand its a lifestlye. Join the WHOSJEFE movement.


Style and Quality

What is the JEFE style? We are a mix of Streetwear Fashion and Highend Fashion you can identify this with our designs and aesthetics on our products. You can see how we incorporate both styles in our products. With our cut and sewn products and our high quality graphic tees. Our products are always high quality. We want our consumers to enjoy what they purchase from the WHOSJEFE brand. We focus on detail because we believe that the little things count.  We truly believe you'll enjoy our products and designs.